About us

The focus of our company is on the development and enhancement of dynamic online betting  platforms. Our main goal is to be able to react to growing requirements in design and development of effective sites and also to be able to cope with increasing technical infrastructure needs. Our highly qualified experts contribute with their large  knowledge base to constantly developing new technical solutions. 

This liveliness is reflected in the implementation of our ideas and programs of communicative, interactive, distributive and administrative tools for online betting platforms and interfaces according to your individual requirements.

We started building platforms in the mid 90s and have been enhancing and optimizing as we grow in skills and experience. Our team consists of experts in their fields and you can trust us to find the right solutions for you.
Project sizes
We built from the one-page landing for product announcement and marketing to the responsice full-service platform with PSP, CRM, Wallet and accounting, live streams, campaign and bonus programs. All customers are very valuable to us.
Our platforms are ISO27001 certified and are a fix part on our scope. You can also benefit from our official certificates for SafeServer, OASIS and SCHUFA; so you can start using this service directly through our interface.

Our platforms run in modern environments and are kept always up to date. This means a big know-how in system administration. We ensure to keep this state through our ISO27001 certification.

Data center
We provide ISO27001 certified solutions and house and host only in same level data centers. Regular pentests and security consultancy are a part of our development process. The same counts for our team and skills.

Building your site taking in consideration how the needs of your customers are evolving. It could be an adaptive or responsive solution. This is a big challenge for example in the creation of the bet slip, but we're always very glad to support our customers on this journey.

PHP, Java, PGSQL, HTML, CSS, LESS/SASS, JS, Vue, jQuery, REST, XAML, WPF, oAuth and many others from case to case.

Our XTC provides ready to use interfaces to most European and US totes providing a large option in offered countries: AUS, AUT, CAN, DEU, FRA, GBR, HKG, HUN, IRE, NLD, SAF, SGP, SWE, USA
Become part of the team
You're into modern platform building and always eager to keep the pace in security aspects? We'll be glad to here from you. Tell us how you want to become part of our team and join us enhancing our business with your skills.